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Restaurants in yishun

Eating out in yishun starts on dinner site. Here you will find extensive information on all restaurants.

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Crown Palace, Yishun
Eatzi, Yishun
Vanda Terrace, Yishun
The Bigrill, Yishun
Liquids Cafe, Yishun
Bakerzin, Yishun
Imperial Garden, Yishun
Ci Wen, Yishun
Potato Farmland, Yishun
Yishun, Yishun
Pesto N Pine, Yishun
Ishi Mura, Yishun
Orchid Tavern, Yishun
Wong Chiew, Yishun
Pin Si, Yishun
Aranda Lounge, Yishun
Buddy Hoagies, Yishun
Bei Sheng, Yishun
Choo Chiang, Yishun
Chew Swee Guan, Yishun
Chwee Hoon, Yishun
Sedaap, Yishun
Beng Cheng, Yishun
Swensen's, Yishun
The Prata Place, Yishun
Five Star Hainanese Chick, Yishun
Beng Tin Hng, Yishun
Xin Wang Hong Kong, Yishun
Shanghai Ren Jia, Yishun

All cuisines of restaurants in yishun

Asian restaurants (11)
Western restaurants (7)
Chinese restaurants (5)
American restaurants (2)
Malaysian restaurants (1)
Shanghainese restaurants (1)
Indian restaurants (1)
Cantonese restaurants (1)
Indonesian restaurants (1)
Mediterranean restaurants (1)
North Indian restaurants (1)
Hainan restaurants (1)